“I started this business by lending my own money to companies that other institutions wouldn’t support.”

— Imre J. Rosenthal



We are a family business and always have been. In 1938, our grandfather, Imre J. Rosenthal, established Rosenthal & Rosenthal.

His perspective on lending was fairly radical at the time. He chose to focus primarily on financing businesses that, for a variety of reasons, were not able to secure funding from big banks or more traditional lending institutions. Imre was open-minded, creative and always supportive. He had the utmost confidence in his clients and in their dreams and took a personal interest in helping them pursue opportunities within their reach. 

From financing his very first client – a chicken farmer with a vision for a brighter future – to ultimately building the largest privately held factor and finance company in the United States, Imre set the tone for the guiding principles that have underscored the past 80 years of Rosenthal’s history.

Over the years, we have financed countless growing businesses by providing the working capital and resources they need and taking an active interest in their future success. Our clients benefit from the fact that we’re still a private, family-run business. They know us by name and they know we don’t disappear once the deal is signed. They know we’re reliable, reasonable and fair. They know that we’re there for the occasional business hiccups – because they inevitably will happen – and that we’re always responsive to their needs as they change.

We have seen our clients through good times and bad, start-ups and bankruptcies, market upswings and recessions. Through it all, we have remained a trusted partner and advisor to thousands of businesses, embracing the same spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation that Imre established so many years ago.