Rosenthal Powers Rapid Growth Across the Accessories Sector


The Challenge


A New York-based accessories company operating with several prominent licenses faced an unexpected increase in sales opportunities with one of its main licenses – a significant growth opportunity that the company could not afford to pass up. But as sales growth quickly outpaced the company’s ability to obtain additional open credit from overseas suppliers, the client needed to secure a supply chain financing solution to ensure it could secure the product from suppliers and deliver on time to its customers.


The Fix


Rosenthal entered the picture and swiftly provided a $2 million purchase order financing facility so the company could fulfill an influx of sales orders for a backpack program designed in collaboration with a major retailer. The transaction involved the purchase of product from an overseas supplier as well as funding fulfillment and logistics costs. The soundly structured production financing ultimately allowed the company to take advantage of incremental sales opportunities that would pave the way for additional growth down the line.


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