Specialty Products


As a privately held company, Rosenthal welcomes the opportunity to evaluate any of your assets as a consideration for providing a financing solution to meet your professional and/or personal needs.



Metal Leasing

Rosenthal has extensive experience in the Jewelry industry.  We not only offer traditional lines of credit but also a metal leasing service that many of our jewelry (as well as other) clients take advantage of.  The typical metals leased are gold, silver, palladium and platinum.




Fine Art / Vintage Collectibles  / Real Estate

Throughout our history, we have assisted high net-worth individuals who wish to leverage the value of non-traditional collateral.   We have a long-standing relationship with the fine art community and are proud to offer specialized financial solutions on fine art and vintage collectibles to art collectors and galleries.  Rosenthal also creates customized bridge loans to provide interim financing for both income-producing real estate as well as residential property.



Letters of Credit  

Rosenthal has established relationships with a network of banks that can provide letters of credit to help you fund raw materials, finished goods, or direct shipments.



International Factoring

  Rosenthal has decades of experience providing factoring to clients whose businesses have attracted international customers.  We have established relationships worldwide with other factors through Factors Chain International as well as insurance companies through FGI.  Rosenthal’s international factoring capabilities enable our clients to pursue global business opportunities with the same cash flow, credit protection and collection support that we make available to domestic companies.