Outsource your back office

You can opt for us to handle your receivable management and collection needs by assigning us your invoices to ledger on our system. Our experienced collection department follows up for the payments upon due date. When payments are received, we apply the cash and provide the check remittance information to you on a real-time basis through our customized online system. Companies utilizing these services typically find that they improve their receivable turn since customers will generally pay Rosenthal faster due to the aggregate amount of credit we extend. Furthermore, it will likely cost you less to outsource your back office than to hire one or two less experienced employees to perform the same functions. 

Credit Protection

Most clients choose to supplement the back office services by having us serve as your personal credit department. We review your customer orders, perform a credit analysis and provide your decision to you. If a customer’s order is approved, we are responsible for any losses resulting from the customer’s financial inability to pay. If the customer is denied credit, you are not prohibited from shipping and the receivable still remains eligible for possible borrowing. When you become a client, you will be assigned a credit analyst who will be your personal contact at the firm for any and all of your credit questions needs or concerns. 

Generating sales in today’s economy is tough enough and you certainly don’t want a bad debt to ruin an otherwise strong year. R&R has more manpower and resources to investigate your customers so that you the client can call us for advice on a new customer that you may be considering shipping. Our clients do not want to go through the time and expense of servicing a new customer only to find out that they are not creditworthy. This advice has consistently proven to be invaluable. Furthermore, when payments come due, R&R serves as the buffer between our client and its customer so that our client doesn’t have to pitch a sale while simultaneously calling to collect his/her funds.



Many of our clients bundle the receivable management/collection function with a borrowing facility; utilizing your accounts receivable and inventory to augment cash flow. This is known as Cash Advance Factoring. One such scenario is a loan of up to 85% against your accounts receivable and up to 50% on your inventory. Since we do not limit you to a set credit line like the bank does, your borrowing power increases as your assets increase. Think about it – now your business can grow without being hampered by a credit line which is too small to support your growth. This is why factoring is the financing tool of choice for growing businesses today. 

To support seasonal businesses and growth opportunities, R&R also provides over advances above the basic formulas. Many of the smaller factors refer to these over advances as purchase order funding (you may have heard it referred to as P.O. funding). We understand how the Chinese New Year affects your supply chain demands or how the weather may throw off sales for the year. We’ve seen it all before and can relate. We’re here to help.

Letters of Credit 

R&R has established relationships with a network of banks that can provide letters of credit for the funding of raw materials, finished goods and/or direct shipments.

International Factoring

R&R has decades of experience providing factoring to clients whose businesses have customers overseas. Our staff is knowledgeable about international trade issues and has established relationships with strong partners in key regions worldwide. R&R’s international factoring capabilities enable our clients to pursue global business opportunities with the same cash flow, credit protection and collection support that we make available to domestic companies. R&R is a member in good standing of Factors Chain International, the leading global professional association for our industry.