What is Factoring?

Factoring is a form of secured lending, and a way for business owners to get working capital to run their companies .  By converting receivables to cash, you can control your cash flow and continue to move your business forward.



Cash when you need it

Quick access to cash means the ability to pay bills faster, expand your business, and take advantage of early payment discounts from suppliers.



It’s not traditional debt

Factoring is simply early access to your money for products and services you have already delivered. You pay a small fee and interest to access that cash early.



Promotes growth

Fast cash means never having to wait to take advantage of new opportunities to expand your business.  Payment is prompt and collections are done for you, so you can focus on building your business.

The Rosenthal Difference

We specialize in factoring companies that sell products on terms.   From start-ups to large public companies, Rosenthal works with businesses who:



Want a long-term relationship with a partner that not only understands their industry, but also has decades of experience and expertise.



Need cash advances to support growth, manage seasonal cash flow strains, or capitalize on new opportunities. 



Want to avoid the red tape that accompanies traditional financial institutions but still access capital at competitive rates.



Would like to outsource back office functions, such as collections and receivables management – to reduce overhead and simplify operations.

Benefits of working with Rosenthal



Outsource your backoffice

We serve as your personalized off-site credit department. We assign you your own credit analyst whom you can contact at any time. We provide online access to your customer orders, the credit available on each, and the status of their payments to you. We supply a full range of management reports for your use, so you can stay up to date with your account. We are an extension of your team, and always act professionally and respectfully in all our interactions with your customers. 



Borrow money

Borrow up to 90% on your receivables or add up to 50% on your inventory to augment cash flow. Receive over advances above basic formulas to support your seasonal business and new opportunities. Rosenthal interest rates are competitive with banks, with simplified and less expensive reporting requirements. No unused line fees, compensating balance requirements or commitment fees.



Avoid bad debt

Our in-house credit team reviews your customers’ orders, analyzes the credit, and makes a quick decision. Rosenthal credit professionals offer sound advice on your new customers, to help you avoid potential bad debt. For Credit-Approved accounts, we are responsible for any losses resulting from the customer’s inability to pay. For Non-Approved accounts, you are not prohibited from shipping and the receivable may still remain eligible for possible borrowing.

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