What is Factoring?

A form of secured lending, factoring is a way for business owners to get working capital to run their companies. Factoring is simply early access to your money for products and services you have already delivered. By converting receivables to cash, you can control your cash flow and continue to move your business forward.





Any company that sells products on terms, from start-ups to large public companies in a wide range of industries, including but not limited to: manufacturing, furniture & home goods, food & beverage, fashion, accessories, footwear, beauty and consumer tech. 

factoring-cash flow.png

Cash advances that support growth, help you pay bills faster or navigate seasonal cash flow strains


Reduce overhead and simplify operations by outsourcing back-office functions, including collections and receivables management


Steer clear of bad debt by having Rosenthal review your customers’ orders, analyze their credit and make quick decisions


Avoid red tape and regulations while still accessing capital at competitive rates



Rosenthal is a friendly participant with banks, investment banks, hedge funds, private equity firms, law firms, accounting firms, BDC’s, turnaround firms and other alternative lenders.



  • Rosenthal works with start-ups to mature businesses with more than $1 billion in sales

  • Loan size up to $30 million, including working capital loans and term loans

  • Collateral, including commercial A/R and inventory, in addition to intellectual property and real estate

  • International Factoring

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