What is Asset Based Lending?

Asset Based Loans are revolving lines of credit that are secured by your company’s assets. As a privately-held, industry-leading secured lender with nearly 80 years of experience, you can trust Rosenthal to provide you with:



An alternative to a bank

Whether you’re facing restrictions on borrowing capacity or have simply hit a rough patch, Rosenthal is here to help.  We support companies that either cannot obtain traditional bank debt or wish to avoid the red tape accompanied by a chartered bank.



Unrivaled flexibility

Rosenthal is not restricted by traditional banking regulations, providing us the flexibility to evaluate the underlying value of collateral, look at the entire balance sheet, and respond promptly to your financing needs.



Cash when you need it

Quick access to cash means the ability to pay bills faster, expand your business, and take advantage of early payment discounts.

Rosenthal’s working capital facilities benefit both private and public companies, who sell a product or service on terms.

Knowledgeable across dozens of industries, Rosenthal has significant experience with:





Apparel and Garment

Home Oil / Heating



Food & Beverage




Metal Leasing

Real Estate

Art Lending

Warehouse Lines

Asset Based Lending with Rosenthal



Working Capital Loans

Our most basic loan – a senior-secured, revolving line of credit, traditionally backed by your accounts receivables and inventory.



Term Loans

Term loans can help you finance opportunistic purchases. By leveraging your non-working capital assets such as machinery and equipment, real estate, or intellectual property, we can help you secure a short to intermediate-duration loan.



Unitranche Loans

Many times a term loan is issued in conjunction with a senior secured revolving line of credit.  In these instances, we are cross-collateralizing your assets—taking both the senior and junior pieces.  This provides you with the money you need and the ease of one lender and one loan officer.



Acquisition Finance

We can partner with you to help finance strategic acquisitions by leveraging the target company’s and your existing assets, along with alternative forms of collateral.  Rosenthal has experience working with private equity firms as well as individual companies to help with these types of transactions.

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